Peter Ernst – I Would’nt Want It Any Other Way

Spontanes Musikvideo mit dem amerikanischen Singer-Songwriter Peter Ernst, aufgenommen im Mai 2017 im Freeden in Bad Iburg. Der Musiker selbst schreibt über diesen Song:

„This is one of those songs about true love. The guitar part of the song was influenced by a classical guitar piece, Andantino in G, written by Ferdinando Carulli, an Italian composer from Naples born in 1808. For the past twenty or so years I’ve been trying to incorporate this simple but nice guitar piece into a song. I was never totally happy with the results. The numerous trials were collecting dust on my studio shelf until that one day. I was playing the Andantino just for fun. I have played the piece so many times, my fingers were finding their ways naturally and I looked outside up the green mountains being poured over by the late afternoon sun. It was a quiet, peaceful day that started just the right way with no business hustling me. Half way through the song she came walking into the living room where I was sitting by the window with my brand new Martin guitar. She smiled at me and joined me in this peaceful moment, Yes, it was one of the distinct moments where the words “I love you” are just the right words to say, sing and feel. I knew right then that the Andantino had arrived. Songs about true love are a challenge to write but the lyrics came together fast on that same afternoon. The true emotions and the purity of that afternoon created “ I don’t want it any other way” – and it still has the same meaning for me today.“

Ein Video von Lukas Tappmeyer
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Kunde : Peter Ernst
Datum : Mai 2017
Kategorie : 2017, Kamera, Konzept, Musik, Schnitt
Internet : http://www.peterernstmusic.com

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